Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Story for America's Greatness: No Apologies

The Story for America's Greatness: No Apologies, was the title of politician Mitt Romney's latest book. In it he delves into why America is just so amazingly great, and why there are no problems to be fixed. In fact, everything is so skippy the government should stop paving roads. The free market can handle that. Competition will give us better roads to drive on... or none at all. Either way, we won't be terrorists like those Europeans are with their fancy streets and elitist high qualities of life.

Romney then goes on to boast of America's proud achievements. The U.S. has more prisoners than China, a nation with a billion more people; First in car theft; 4th in murders with firearms; 1st in total crimes; 3rd in robberies; 1st in rape, almost double the next closest country.

Yep, things go best when capitalism is let free. No meddlesome murder-stopping initiatives need be.
Douche, he is.

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