Thursday, July 22, 2010


I was born with apeirophobia, to fear the infinite –
When lightening strikes I feel an astrophobia
Mix with my bathophobia
To become a sort of chronophobia
That heightens gerascophobia.

With my chionophobia, seasons move me
Though the flakes bring on Symmetrophobia
And their glisten chromophobia
With simultaneous Hyelophobia
Morphing in their vastness to Numerophobia.

Hypnophobia is what I am
It lets me have selenophobia
As I gaze with choraphobia
Into chasms with Eosophobia –
So sweet is my epistemophobia!


Apeirophobia – fear of infinity
Astrophobia – fear of thunder and lightening
Bathophobia – fear of depth
Chionophobia – fear of snow
Choraphobia – fear of dancing
Chromaphobia – fear of colors
Chronophobia – fear of time
Eosophobia – fear of daylight
Epistemophobia – fear of knowledge
Gerascophobia – fear of getting old
Hyelophobia – fear of glass
Hypnophobia – fear of sleep
Numerophobia – fear of numbers
Selenophobia – fear of the moon
Symmetrophobia- fear of symmetry

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