Saturday, May 08, 2010

The World Redrawn

Afghanistan - The war effort with America seemed pretty serious so they moved in.

Australia - Got lonely.

America - In a bid to improve geography test scores amongst its citizens, Hawaii and Alaska drifted closer to the mainland.

Canada - China kind of landed on top of it Wicked Witch of the East style. Oops.

Germany - Neo-Nazis are closer to the old Hitler crowd.

Iceland - Forced to relocate South because of all the ash. The name makes more sense now.

Indo-Nepali-Bangladesh-istan - India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Pakistan overcame their differences and are grooving together in a Timeshare now.

Ireland - Too many problems with Britain, is seeing other people now, namely, Madagascar.

Israel - Moved next to Germany when Syria double dared it to.

Mali - Felt imperial.

Mexico - Got tired of the U.S. treating it like a piece of meat, so it moved where more people speak Spanish... took some friends along.

New Guinea - Closer to French Guiana. People told them they had a lot in common.

Venezuela -  Thought it'd join OPEC more geographically too.

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