Saturday, May 08, 2010


Ironman talks to me;
His lips move on the Dr. Pepper can.

“Things aren’t so bad,” he says,
“You’re still alive and not that old.”

“But I thought she loved me.”

“I thought once, long before I made
This suit I’d found the one.”

“But you’re a superhero,
Your problems are all physical!”

“No, they aren’t, they surely aren’t –
I hide within this suit to feel important.”

“I know that if she sees me she won’t know me.”

“But surely your powers just
Might bring her back to you!”

“No, power will bring fear and envy,
Even greed – but never love.”

“Yet I build this suit – adding guns,
And flight and firepower still
Wishing it could change her mind.”

“Why not tell her how you feel instead?”

“Ah, if I could do that
I’d really be a superhero.”

Ironman’s face sinks back into aluminum,
And I call her on the telephone.

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