Thursday, May 13, 2010

Psychadelic II

I click into Mozilla’s majesty
Become a flaming fire-fox
That flies in freedom o’er Facebook
To see it shaped much like a continent.

Grotesque wires grip it to the other giants
Replacing reality with information
That knows no loyalty but lavish luxury
And cold, manipulative logic.

There’s no forecasts that’s not thunderstorms
The sun is used up, burned away
Tossed in the ocean like the moon
Filled with chips and called a server.

A breeze blows everyday at 8 am
To placate pulsing processors;
Then the heat returns to rule
And humanity must go and hide.

Hide how?
Hide where?

In dusky dens with deadened daffodils
For We forget so fully how
They looked when they were growing green
With colors not in pixel form.

Alas, the world has changed
Our children kill on videos –
And eat and walk and live
As prisoners of easy chairs.

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