Monday, May 03, 2010


I picked out a poem for the class to give opinions on and took their suggestions to heart.  They made some good points about aspects that didn't fit and broke the mood.  So here is the revised Mermaid in Eternity....

Diving to the ocean depths down deep
reflects the fathoms of my heart that weep.

Squids and schools of fish float out of reach
singing songs of love washed upon the beach.

Starfishes shining neon bright to taunt
force my mind toward memories that haunt.

I see my darling in orgasmic light
beset with wild thrill and joy of night.

Bioluminescent plankton causes her to glow
as through her thinning hair the current flows.

With unrivaled mirth I call to her out loud –
Seaweed encapsulates her in a shroud.

As the sun reflecting on the surface dims
darkness takes away her face and limbs.

She bobs, a mere torso in the current
a sordid case of organs to lament.

Still, I reach out toward what is left of her
to but only smell the drifting tang of myrrh.

Her gangly, lifeless body reforms shape
down to every, blemish, scar and scrape.

With remorse I bite into translucent breasts
thinking for a moment I am blessed.

Like the tentacles of jellyfish her fingers sting
a voice once lovely now so hollow sings.

It sings of heaven and of hell
to put marine life in a dazzling spell.

We make love as it goes on;
Panting, thrusting up 'til dawn.

In a salt-filled blink however
ties are severed.

Gulf streams of sprightly love run cold
and leave an unforgiving insight:

Her soul has gone beyond where I can look;
Far past the coral, sand and earth!

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