Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Twiction: A Heart Felt Thank You

I started my twiction story American Wizard on October 13th, 2009.  Since then there have been 136 tweets telling some aspect of the story.  Six months is a long time to write anything, and as much as I hate saying it, I've grown apart from my tale.

Perhaps I'll catch an idea some day to continue American Wizard, and I hope I do.  But for now, I just don't have the creative endurance to go through with any more. The format is too slow and cumbersome for me at this juncture. But I do not discourage anyone else from trying Twiction.  You should.  It has enormous potential.

Apart from any issue of format, new thoughts have taken me in new directions.  I desire to write something to highlight the struggles in the gay rights movement, for instance.  But I will never forget the characters I created in this span of time, nor the people who supported me in making them.

As I said on Facebook: thanks to everyone who read my twiction, many times or even once. I won't be doing it anymore though. If and when I continues the story, it will be posted here for all to see. Thank to all again, from the bottom of my heart.

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