Friday, April 23, 2010

Certif for my Rif, Dawg!

Tonight I went to a poetry reading in downtown Marion.  I showed up around an hour late.  In my defense, it had been a rather hectic day.  Had forgotten it was going with all the college things I had to do.  My friend Whitney reminded me with a text though and I got to see the last half-hour or so of it.

I was impressed to say the least.  The hodgepodge of different people there was stark.  There were high school students, college kids, even professors and working class people who took the stage.  That in itself, where so many types of individuals can come together and learn something of each other is a beautiful thing.  It's like the cliche, how the other half lives, with this case being how the other slice lives.

When a professor I had had read from his seat, I recall thinking, how I would have never thought he was a poetry writer.  Economics and political science, which he teaches, seem so far from the subject of English in my mind.

But it only shows that anyone can write poetry, regardless of specialty or profession.

That said, the religious aspect struck me, as more than a couple poems mentioned God.  I wondered if that was just part of small-town life though.

I didn't get the opportunity to read my own Ekphrastic poem; I was too late.  But my professor had read it, and the organizer told me after the show he really enjoyed it.  He even asked me to come to their next meeting.  So that should be really cool.
Want to hold you Mali. So bad.


  1. This is sooo proud-making Ben.

    Am just so so happy you've got this! :-D

    congratulations, my dear. Hug.

  2. Awe, well apparently everyone else got one too. The winner got their plaque today.

    But I'm still happy about it :)


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