Wednesday, April 14, 2010

NASA's Elegy

NASA’s Elegy
Red China on the Red Planet;
Dragons have breathed fire on the eagle.

And I wish I could say it fought the good fight
That its claws weren’t dulled in vain pursuits of might.

The beak’s arthritic from it catching prey
Its wits have long led it astray.

So sad, too, that olive branch has snapped –
The writing on the scroll no longer apt.

It’s crying in its fall from grace
Down to a horrid, rocky place.

Our hand to save it’s there too late
Great wings they’re simply added weight.

The Eagle hits the water in a flame of glory;
Extinguished in a light-blue jubilee.

But notoriety won't warm the chicks
Encased in frigid shells with somber sticks.
Of Mother’s Eggs, what will become?
Perhaps of death and sorrow they’ll succumb?

No, I have greater faith in life than this
They shall rise with love from such abyss!

The youth they will rewrite the scroll
And mend the branch once more a whole!
A work in progress.


  1. Awe, that's kind.

    I didn't like it much. It could have been better, but I got the idea when I was tired, and it didn't come out as well it would've at another time.

  2. not being kind!

    I really did think it read well.


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