Sunday, February 28, 2010

Across the Tide

Across the Tide
I tried
To glide
Across the tide.

I blew from side
To side.

Behind a cloud I tried to hide
To outsmart the divide.

No cover, did it at all provide
As now in water I reside.

To swim or sink I can’t decide
Nor in whom I can confide.

Shelter I have been denied
With fear and current I collide.

A lighthouse over yonder I have eyed
Between there and here it’s not so wide.

The keeper though might see I’ve cried
The lack of hop within my stride.

It's better to enjoy the ride.
Let the ocean be my bride.

Still, it's pitiful I'm stuck to pride
Perhaps I shan’t be when I’ve died.
I'm sorry Mali.

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