Tuesday, October 08, 2013

What You Don't Understand

I can't kill
and I can't win
a peace prize for it.
I can't save the government
It's too far gone.
I never sleep,
I'm like a drone
On Snowden's trail.
I hear voices
From a soldier's family
Who won't eat tonight.
Maybe I'm seditious,
another victim to shutdown,
But you can't kill what you don't understand.
And you'll never understand.


  1. Nice timely political post...I love it. BTW I think you may like my blogging question today :)

  2. ha. i dont think anyone in politics understands...and we dont understand their game...if we did i dont think we would really put up with it...but we do...

    1. I wish we didn't, Brian. When will people wake up?


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