Thursday, April 11, 2013

Rehtaeh Parsons Is My Daughter

Rehtaeh Parsons was the victim of an alleged gang rape and an online bullying campaign over the last few months. She recently committed suicide. Her organ donation saved the lives of four people.

To the lucky one who has her heart
Be glad that it still beats
And cherish it -
Laugh and love the days
She no longer can.
Remember why you have it
And be kind. Use it wisely.
Don’t back down from hate.
Stand up for others suffering.
Rehtaeh lives in you
And all of us.


  1. This is so sad and so inspiring Ben.. You did a great job on this poem. Brought tears to my eyes and knowing what she went through is so disturbing and so sad...

    1. Thanks, Susie. It's so very sad beyond words.

  2. As always, you have an incredibly big heart. What a beautiful tribute my fried.

  3. BEN! You've got me crying before the show! OMG...I could hug you! Thank you for this. <3

  4. Oh Ben! In tears! This truly is emotive, BIG hugs xoxo

  5. I , too, am feeling tearful after reading your words,,,what a beautiful tribute,,heartfelt, it says all and helps us to find the words as well,,thank you,,,

    1. Thanks, Ellecee. I'm glad my words can help others through something so horrible.

  6. Is that her actual name or were they spelling it backwards for privacy?


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