Saturday, December 15, 2012

Sandy Hook

For the families mourning in Connecticut:

Because words are stronger than bullets
We will keep hate on the run with love
And our children shall return to us.
You will see your faith renewed;
The darkest cloud of doubt
Can only rain so long.

Sun will shine and fill your empty beds with light
I promise it will come. I promise you.
Just as dusk gives way to dawn,
Your heart will beat again.


  1. The wonderful magick of words used wisely knows no bounds. This is beautiful and comforting...filled with the light of hope. Thank you

    1. It's so hard finding hope in such a thing but I am thankful I could.

    2. Beautiful words at such a sad time. Thank you for sharing my friend. You always blow me away with your talent❤❤💕

    3. Thank you, Kim. You always inspire me to write more.

  2. dear ben, thank you for writing this heartfelt and much needed poem.

  3. Yes thank you for this beautiful tribute.. Hope you have a Merry Christmas Ben.

  4. Good take on this. Soothing words in the face of great evil.


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