Monday, December 24, 2012

Dirt Road Dreams by Susie Clevenger

by Susie Clevenger
My Rating 5/5 Stars

Life is a journey and nothing tells its story better than good poetry. Dirt Road Dreams may appear unassuming from the cover but the simplicity is short lived. Susie Clevenger’s words, in essence, are that road – curving boldly through the depth of her experience. It is not always nicely paved and you will get dirty time to time. Clevenger is a real woman, her perceptions and emotions relatable while at the same time deeply profound. Her worldliness is grounded in reality. She divides poetry into three categories: Barefoot on Gravel, Kicking up Sand, and Dancing in the Dust. I felt each section said something unique about the author, feeding into larger themes of perseverance, hope, femininity and love. I highly recommend this debut collection.

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