Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Kindle Voice Guy

And Now an An Erotic Flash Fiction

I had sex with the Kindle voice guy. It was everything I thought it could be. The way his monotone sighs seduced me as he touched my back was unforgettable. His hands moved with the syllabic momentum of his voice, stopping and starting in quick succession. Pressing his up arrow with select aroused him too. I thought of all the books he read to me throughout the past year. I shivered with delight recalling Lewis Carroll and Robert Louis Stevenson. Kindle Voice Guy knew exactly where the g-spot was with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. He read the last lines and I lost control, screaming out the names of my favorite authors. “Tolkien, oh, God, yes! Give it to me Kindle! Send your ship to Valinor! Mama needs Dahl’s BFG! Big fucking girth!” The release was tremendous as I cuddled up against his leather case. He pressed all the right buttons and he knew me better than anyone. If only I never had to upgrade…


You've found your way inside my head and now there's no way out!