Tuesday, November 27, 2012

11:59 p.m. by Amber Norrgard

by Amber Norrgard
My rating 5/5 Stars

11:59 is Author Amber Norrgard’s latest collection and it doesn’t disappoint. I’ve said before that I’m a fanboy of her writing. She has talent that expands with every piece of work she writes. Color of Dawn gave way to In the Gloaming and 4 a.m. Each one moving and honest beyond anything before. 11:59 is no exception. Her first poem hooked me as much as the last. Norrgard’s writing is a journey of pain, perspective, understanding and hope. Though, the emotions are deep you will not leave empty. My favorites are Take My Hand, In Blue, Wrapped Around and The Search for the Eyes of Home for their beauty and raw power. Even if you are not into poetry, give 11:59 a chance. You will be moved, I promise.


  1. Now I have to go read more poetry -- thanks B Ditty :-)

    1. It's a really great one. You won't want to miss it :-)


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