Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sweetest Posion

Skull and crossbones tattooed across your chest,
I ignored the warning label;
It was time to have my fill
Of bitter almond cyanide.
If it killed me, it was sweet;
If it didn’t, I could go all night.



  1. Almond cyanide..there's a poison to savour..I hope it was sweet..Jae

  2. Replies
    1. Guessing this poem didn't connect with people too well.

  3. I am highly acquainted with the scenario here. I end up dying.


    Check your gmail, friend.

  4. Burnt almond
    I ask for crem brule
    Not this semi sweet
    Strawberry tart
    Almond chocolate sueflay
    Butter pecan would have been nice
    Or even a firm sorbet
    A second bite of this...
    About that I had to think twice
    No, I dont think so...
    Not today, no way, yuck!
    For once my pickey tastes
    Kept me alive
    One more day

    Chris McQueeney 9/26/12. 9:39 P.M.

  5. so erotic, plays on the temptations of the heart well.

  6. If she is poison, you will partake and die happily or well, keep at it! Love it! :)


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