Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Din the Dragonfly Part 2

and now the epic conclusion...

Din raced back through the smoke. The air grew hotter and hotter. He couldn’t see but let the intensity of the heat guide him. Hopefully, the dragon wouldn’t notice him until the last moment. It was his only chance.

A cold breeze of air hit Din. Wings lifted the massive creature. The dragon was distracted. Din stretched his own wings and legs. With all the speed he could gather, he jetted off. Soaring faster than he ever had before, Din flung himself into one of the dragon’s eyes, partially blinding it. The worm thrashed about, as the dragonfly hung on for dear life. He knew he had to finish what he started. Slowly, shaking, he let go. The dragon saw him hovering and swung its tail. Din, did the unthinkable, flying toward it. The dragon was confused but continued its attack as Din flew closer and further, just out of reach. He had the massive creature under his command.

He flew back and forth taunting the worm once or twice more and then shot back toward its eyes. The tail followed. It struck the creature, blinding it completely. Din buzzed in triumph but only for a moment. The tail swung back in his direction. He couldn’t avoid the impact.

Din fell helplessly as the dragon flew back toward its lair in the mountains. He thought of his triumph, and though they scorned him, the family he had saved. They doubted him but the runt had proved them wrong. It wasn’t the biggest or the strongest that saved the pond that day; it was Din, who fought for everything he had.

The other dragonflies approached, as the dragon fled. They saw Din strike the ground, unable to save him. His marbled eyes reflected light but none of them could see from where.

Din's life became legend. The other dragonflies told stories to their children. They praised the weakest members of their group. None in their pond ever went hungry or struggled for their food again. There were no lonely runts and all were loved.


  1. A rousing fable, worthy kin of other--perhaps older--sacrifice-tales.

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  3. And lo, the spamer strukith again...from the depths of cyber space a new hero heard the calls of the befuddled masses...oh mighty lord Ditmars save us. Save us from the wiles and deprivations of said spammer...for unto you the power calls.


  4. I am feeling struck by the need to write tonight...my hiatous is over


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