Saturday, July 28, 2012

Submissions for Thrush

I sumbitted a few poems to Thrush Poetry Journal. The editors liked my voice but the poems were not accepted. I was a little sad because I've been a big fan of the publication and their use of social media. But, at least I get to share the pieces with you now. I hope you enjoy them.

Forged Within

It’s funny how one day
becomes a week,
becomes a month,
and soon a year
has passed where
we’re no different
from the last in
essence, yet
appearances will
tell a different story;
we won’t see the crows feet
Looking from inside ourselves
but others can and never understand
that every imperfection has a story-
laughter, love, a loss-
and we alone will see
true beauty forged within.

Pounding Rain

Cigar smoke
in the pounding rain;
her hand, outstretched
a distant light,
sifting through the plume
with ashy fingernails
she strokes my hair
reminds me,
she still cares
in hazy, blind surroundings,
Burning from the flame,
Her lips put out.


  1. I really like what you did with the punctuation on forged within, those are good poems.


  2. It's their loss.. These are great poems.. But I know the feeling of rejection.... Love your poems..Susie

  3. You'll get 'em next time. As for this time, we all get to see the work now, so, thank you.

    1. I sure hope so, Jack. Glad you got to see it :)

  4. There is a sense of reflection and substance in both this pieces..growth and knowledge..Pounding Rain was particularly smoke..keep trying with the will happen..jae

    1. I'll try, Jae. It's just hard to find a publication that gets you.

  5. ooohh...i love both of these!

    my favorite lines:

    burning from the flame,
    her lips put out.

    would love love love a guy writing something like that for me.

    1. Your comments always bring a smile to my face, Lisa :)

  6. lovely poems, ben. written in you delicate yet sublimely
    powerful style. i feel a searching and a yearning in your
    poetry, a hint of seeing beyond the obvious phsyicality [sp.?]
    of a person.

    1. Oo wow, best review/analysis I've ever had! Very touched by this.

  7. those publishers will rue the day they didn't accept these!


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