Thursday, April 19, 2012

Signed Copies for Sale!

Hello, bloggers, I'm selling signed copies of various books. I'll mail them to you if you send a check. As simple as that. No added shipping costs. I'm doing it all! Just $10 for a novel, playbook or chapbook of poetry. If interested, I've opened a Post Office box. I figured this was the best route since my blog is rather public. You might want to write which book you want on the check too and an address if it isn't there.

PO Box 340
Marion, OH

Also, if you want to start some correspondence up with the Ben man, that's cool too. I love getting and sending letters.


  1. You have written books?? Wow. Why didn't I know that?

  2. I already own all your books, I think. I may send you something, though. Didn't you tell me once that you like herb tea? Have a great weekend, Ben! xo

    1. I sure do :-D

      Thank you for always being so supportive :)


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