Sunday, April 08, 2012

And Now an Easter Poem!

My brother found Jesus
One late afternoon
Bleeding in the street
Without a cross.
His disciples ran off
By the cops.

My brother found Jesus
Scared and alone
The Son of God, or
One of many given up,
Forgotten, surrendered to
But not for sins.

My brother found Jesus,
Crucified inside of him;
A spectre baking in the
Sun of Golgotha.


  1. Well....crucified inside of us is just about the crux of it. Your brother "Found it" (do you remember those old lapel pins? No? young you are!)

    Very strong descriptors here. I can see this quite vividly.

    Happy Easter Ben Ditty!

    1. These lapel pins sure sound neat. What were they for?

    2. People that found Jesus. I think they actually read "I Found It". But I was back in highschool then. Ha! Too long ago.

  2. Fabulous imagery, Ben. I like it a lot. xo


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