Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Drive Through Fog

Things were simpler
When I knew you
Felt you there
Before the frost
Our fog set in
And I drove blind
Not caring
For the light
Ahead of me
Or sound of horns
That clashed with broken glass,
A twisted frame
And airborne boy
Too impetuous to be a man;
Say fuck the past and
Fuck you too.


  1. Replies
    1. Yes, we must fuck it though before it fucks us!

  2. Indeed!!! Love the metaphors here and the fog. I love a foggy day a million times more than sunshine. Once I was approaching the Red River bridge on my way to work and there was a huge blue/gray cloud of fog just floating around the bridge. It was magically delicious. Great write, Ben Ditty!!! xo

    1. I love when you tell stories in comments :-)

      You find so much beauty in nature, even the sort most would find a hassle like fog.

  3. very interesting post,i have bookmarked it,i have a list of cheap driving school in Alexandria,i wiill revist your blog.thanks...

    1. Glad you enjoyed your stay :-)

      Room service is available as well. Just type 9 in the comment feed.

    2. 9
      Dammit Ben, I typed nine at least three times and they must be ignoring me because I still haven't got my room service!!!

      And by the way what the hell does squee!!! mean?

    3. It's just something the kids say when they're excited.

    4. Yeah, thats cool but let's get back to the important things, where is my room service?

  4. Ben finally I come! I'm here again and I'm not going to go to anyplace, I have missed your blog a lotttttt.
    One kisssss

  5. We have a lot of fog here in the valley and there are a hell of a lot of accidents. I happen to love fog. Pass on the accidents. It's a bitch to drive in, but it's so enveloping. I feel snuggled in melancholy which is like a self hug :) Oh man, I sound nuts. But I LOVE FOG!


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