Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Books are my friends
they won’t run away,
stop loving me. I hold them
and they don’t complain.
we spend hours talking,
traveling our worlds–
they take me through theirs
and I, through mine.
It’s unconventional but…
I proposed to ink and paper
with a paper ring and she wrote yes.


  1. Wow, this is awesome Ben :) Loved the last two lines the most. Books are kinda best friends. "When we read a book then it accompanies us and when we turn the last page it feels like we have lost a good friend". Ain't it?

  2. Of course she said yes. You read her so well. You devour her and savour every word. Of course she said yes.

  3. Yes, books are my friends also..I can escape when my live "friends" break me. Love the ending of your poem.

  4. Shreya: Oh, I know. I was very sad after Harry Potter.

    Annie: Yes, if only she savored me too. Oh, wait we're talking books :p

    Susie: Thanks, Susie :)

  5. Ben I love this poem..."and she wrote yes" good!! So here is the post I put togather in responce http://wanderwithoutbeinglost.blogspot.com/2011/12/books.html

  6. i like this on its own. it's sweet. but i also like it becuz it is a repudiation of this world and how we fit in.

  7. I'm madly in love with this poem. My books and I are quite close. A perfect love!!

    We're HUGE Invader Zim fans and are re-watching the entire series for the 10th time. Are you a fan of Gir & Zim? I would think so. :-)

  8. I LOVE it! Especially the last two lines ~ so sweet and clever! The image is perfect also. I'm finally seeing your posts in my feed ~ yay! My 'twin' did the trick :)

  9. BOOKS FTW!!! lol this is ingenious. I'm going to print and paste this on my book shelf when I'm in college if you don't mind xD

  10. Wander: Oh, wow, Wander. I'm really honored. Can't wait to read it!

    Ed: Thanks, Ed :)

    Marion: Oh, I know, Marion. You put my book love to shame.

    Fiona: Very glad to have the two Fionas ;)

    Punk: I don't mind at all. In fact smiling profusely at the thought :)


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