Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Raving Moonbat

I've started a new political blog.  It's called the Raving Moonbat and it's pretty... liberal.  So, if you like that sort of thing and want more you should totally stop over man.  We can talk about world peace and eat these brownies I made.  I won't tell you what's in them though.


  1. Love the photo. I tend to be beyond labels politically, although at different times in my life I've called myself Independent, Republican, Democrat and Fed-Up. I love a good politcal debate, but lately, the state of the economy has just made me royally PISSED OFF. I could get on my soap box and go on for days. I'll check out your new blog. It's good to rant & rave & debate. At least it makes me feel better. LOL! xo

  2. I'll follow, but mainly cause I think you're cool not cause I tend to be liberal. :-)

  3. Woo :D I'm officially cool! Berlinerin sagt das!

  4. Ben I was in Portland this last week working and I have to tell you, craziness! It was like a police state. Over the time I was there I saw hundreds of police, and not one crime to justify their presence. What is wrong with this country when people pointing out severe deficiencies in the way our country is being handled are ridiculed by troglodytes with IQs just below that of a trouser trout? I just don’t understand how some people have a hard time understanding that our economy is being raped. With a finite amount of dollars every one that is taken out of, or held back from the circulation of the economy need to be replaced somehow, or the well will run dry, period!
    Chris @
    Oh yeah, what id the deal with Honey B and D fly?

  5. For some reason I can not post on raving. Maybe you could put name/url as one of the post options

  6. I fixed the comment issue with Raving Moonbat.

    I completely agree with this, Wander. The demonizing of those who only want to fix a broken system has reached a despicable level. There's a belief having grown up over some time that the government is completely fallible and the free market is a magical system that will always heal its problems.

    Honey B and D fly is a collaborate writing project I worked on with a friend. It's pretty awesome, but hasn't been worked on in a while.


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