Monday, November 28, 2011

Once & Was

I was once told I had a bright future
Before they launched me on a rocket toward the sun.
I could once recite the numbers one through ten in perfect Spanish
But now I could not tell you one through four without a song.
I marvel and the once and was; the child and the optimist.
Some change the world with high ideals but most survive.


  1. This is brilliant. At least I think so. Love the bit about the song. Sigh. You make me want to jump on beds. Yeah, don't ask.

  2. I don't want to just survive Ben. I hate just going throug the motions. Ugh.

  3. Annie: I can't imagine you merely surviving Annie. You're too full a person!

    Berlinerin: Thank you :)

  4. nicely written, Ben :)
    P.S. My first visit here, its nice :)

  5. Welcome, Shreya! There's lodging available ;) Might set up one of those red Monopoly hotels.

  6. I feel like this. Gah, I hate growing up and having to let go of some of my ideals. I wanna stay a kid forever!!! I don't want to just survive.

    That's it. I'm moving in here. Permanently.

  7. Well there's plenty of space. You can dance with the gnomes up top or sit on widget.


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