Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Jamie's Gate



I tried to remember the crime I committed.  I tried to recall why the cops were dragging me out of their cruiser and into a police station.  Nothing came to me.  I felt their fists hit my stomach; I smelled my own fear.

“Teach you to camp, hippie!”  One’s voice said.

“Let’s book him.”

“For what?”

“It doesn’t matter.  Say he hit one of us.”

I wondered if I had.  Anything seemed possible in the current situation.

“Time to strip this Nancy down.  We can see if he’s really got some balls under that Vagina.”

I didn’t resist when they tore off my shirt and pants.  It seemed all the more humorous to them.

“He’s got bigger grapes than I thought.  Still small though.”

“Hey, Hank, get me the pepper spray.  I have an idea.”

“You wouldn’t?”  Hank said egging him on.

“Oh, I would, Ted.  Hand it over.”

The immense pain I felt before was somehow amplified.  Hank emptied the whole can of pepper spray on my bare genitals.  There was nothing I could do to stop him as it burned.  I bit my tongue until it bled.

“That’s enough for now.  He can cool his heels ‘til we think of something better.”

“Sounds good.  Come with me!”

I was dragged again; this time unable to walk.  The cop showed no sympathy; kicking, hitting, kneeing my enflamed genitals.

We entered a bizarre looking jail.  There were no cells.  Inmates were free to move yet chose not to.  They cowered, shaking violently around a central pit.  It wasn’t clear what was inside; just that something was.

“What are they afraid of?”

“You’ll see soon enough.  Or maybe, I can let you in right now.”

He lifted me up toward the pit.  I thrust my feet against the air trying to get him.  I never got the chance.  Before I realized what was happening I fell.  My legs broke on impact and I couldn’t move.

I saw the faintest glow light up a body.  It was a young woman; a beautiful one at that.  Perhaps she was a prisoner as well.

“Excuse me,” I asked.  It was a mistake.  Her teeth snapped, sharper and longer than I could have previously believed.  “Are you a werewolf?”

“Much worse.”

“A demon?”

“Don’t make me laugh.”

“Are you going to kill me?”

“I wish that were all.”

Her teeth were not what moved.  Her entire face expanded, split in half.  Screaming hands reached out.  I felt my essence pulled away.  Skin peeled off with memories, emotions toward the young girl’s void.

I saw a story flash as I absorbed inside of Jamie.  An even younger version of the young girl had gold necklaces and bracelets with a shovel.  She was digging furiously; possessed with desire.  She wanted something more beneath the ground, the grave.  It called to her.  One more necklace, one more ring would help her forget.  And she could stop.  But she could never stop.  Jamie was beyond intervention.

Metal hit wood.  Her hands pried open the coffin lid.  But nothing was inside; merely satin and a headless pillow.

“I see you’ve found my coffin,” a cold voice said.


“Oh, yes.  I’m dead, undead to be exact.”

“It can’t be.”

“But it is.  Joshua, Maurice, grab her.  We have work to do.”

They lifted her from the grave.  She seemed almost willing as she walked into a clearing with no headstones.  A pentagram had been drawn on the ground.  The vampires licked their lips hungrily.  Jamie considered escape but barely turned before they pinned her down.

Remorseless penetration consumed her body.  She bled from her mouth and anus.  The cold, undead members were as hard as ice.  The only part of her they left alone she feared for.

A hideously scarred creature approached and the rape stopped.  It seemed like Jamie’s savior perhaps.  But she had hoped too soon.  Both hands held a massive, reddish horn up to the moonlight.  Chanting began.  Pitch rose higher and higher until… the horn was slammed into Jamie’s previously untouched vagina.  The creature lifted it again; the chanting renewed and she felt the unbearable pain once more as it went further.  It never stopped.  The night was an eternity in hell; a hell that rose inside of her.

I felt her pain, her anger and her rage.  My hands reached out the void with countless others ready to consume.  Our enemies would join us.  Our friends would join us.  Our families would join us with all others in the way.


You've found your way inside my head and now there's no way out!