Thursday, November 17, 2011

Eye Floater

At a young age the vitreous inside
Our eyes are perfectly transparent;
We see the world for what it is;
And not for what it isn’t.

Imperfections soon emerge with time
Branding shadows on our retinas
Showing us the past in worms
That crawl across closed lids
To feed off insecurities; the ugly
Memories we can’t forget, though
Tried in vain. The worm, the floater,
Always finds them.

Sweet congealed mess living in my head,
The spot on the carpet that won’t go away;
If only I could cry you out.


  1. Great parallels! Wow. Yes. Damn floaters and spiders and worms. It's no fun to look at anything solid anymore. I'm too distracted by sea of detritus that won't blink away.

  2. Que mal que no me funciona hoy el traductor Ben y llevo un lío para leer el texto :S
    Siento no haber respondido antes a los comentarios estoy en epoca de examenes :S
    Un besazoooo:)(L)

  3. Fuck. Yes. You really captured awesomeness here.

  4. Annie: Our eyes are creepy crawly!

    Pitufina: Sorry the translation didn't come out right. It seems that keeps happening :/

    Jack: Quite glad you thought so. Was worried I missed the mark going this route instead of making a love poem.

  5. I have more floaters than eyesight lately. Not to mention the ringing in my ears caused from the medicine I take. Holy Crap, Batman, but I'm falling apart.

    Fear stalks me...the Fuck-Everything-And-Run kind, not the False-Evidence-Appearing-Real kind. Mostly it comes when I close my eyes and try to sleep. Luckily, I have sleep medication or I'd be up all night every night for years. Great post, Ben...xo

  6. Oh, wow. Medicine can have some awful side affects :(

  7. Intense piece...just as we "see" through the floaters in our eyes...we must look through the memories that cloud us


You've found your way inside my head and now there's no way out!