Sunday, October 30, 2011

Word Verification

I don't know about you but I've found the nonsense words on Word Verification for post comments interesting.  Some of them almost seem as if they might make some profound sense.  So, following an idea I've been thinking of a while I thought I'd write a poem using some.  Be prepared.  It's really effed up.


The Mutwar thinned the herd
And made us purer. I feel my blood
Rejuvenated as the filth is gone.
My heart, however, feels the toll;
I feel it twerse for having had
So many friends now dead.
Ralloco ground them into
Fertilizer; Scessi sleeps
Beneath the pumpkin patch.
I still hear her screams at night;
She was a bliede, drenching the
Landscape in her blood; tearing me
Apart, perhaps a little more than her,
As I caress my Unsul; that void where
Life and love had lived with laughter.
But now will pine and mourn
For what I’ve done and can’t undo.


  1. Oh Ben. This was way cool. I hate having to type the word verifications, but some of them are almost a perfect nonsense word for the comment I've just left. This was a great poem. I love the last line. I've lived the last line. Mutwar. Sounds medieval, scary beasts. Great job Ben Ditty!

  2. Waaaaay cool, Ben. I agree with Annie. Sounds medieval and scary! Just perfect for Halloween. BOO! xoxo

  3. Convincing boo, Marion ;) Jumped right out out of my blog-pants.

    Annnnie, I thought Mutwar was such a great nonsense word to come up. Websters should consider it!

  4. Ralloco and Mutwar are definitely my favorites. They really do look like they could be words!

  5. I like this. I have had the same thought, just hadnt spun it into words yet. Good another blog to follow!
    I got to the word verif and I had to go with it

    The cadavs piled up
    Cord wood like in my brain
    Stacked toe to chin
    Looking at me with flaccid grins
    And dull eyes

  6. Liked it here and on your blog ;) Cadavs was an awesome one to get.

  7. Yes it was. Thanks for stopping by. You are a busy man, lol. I have started reading your blog from the start. Like your writing, did you actually start writing this in highschool?

  8. Oh, yes, going strong for over five years now. Started when I was a senior and all my friends blogged. The fad never died for me though. But, wow, from the start *fears his past immaturity*


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