Monday, September 12, 2011

Three Poems

I've wrote these poems over the past couple weeks but haven't posted them.  They're more somber than normal.  But don't be alarmed, I'm still very happy :-)  See.  I smiled.

The truth is that
You never liked me.
Oh, you said you did,
Pretended well enough.
But I could always tell
A liar when I saw one.
And that’s just what you are;
Not nice; not sparing of
My feelings.  Just cold.
A bitch without remorse.

There’s little consolation
when your hard work doesn’t pay,
and all that you put in stays put
in rigid forms, faint outlines
of desire; puppet shows
played with your heart
on strings. The puppet master
drunk and weaving, somewhere else
and crying out much like the wooden
figure he is holding.

A Legend
I was never legendary
though I tried to be
and failed.  I was at most
a sidekick, supporting actor
to a larger role I couldn’t fill.
I watched others do great deeds
and envied them.  But I could not
supplant them.  Danger fueled my heart
but froze my arms and legs.


You've found your way inside my head and now there's no way out!