Saturday, August 06, 2011

Things I Miss

Late night hamster updates
Mouse trap, cheese cube talks
The boat ride on Lake Pichola.

Christmas at my Grandma’s
Harry Potter books and films
Reading in the summertime.

Kissing, holding hands
Drinking beer illegally
Dreaming past reality.

My old, red Chevy
Decent TV programs
Pogs and Pokemon.

Choices less impossible
Faith in my ideas and self
Being just a tad more ignorant.

Not thinking of mortality
Deeper questions of my usefulness;
Am I a parasite or just a leech?


  1. Comment, take two. (I detest errors.)

    Wow. Reading this makes me want to write a "Things I Miss" poem, but it would be thousands of lines. LOL! Great write, Ben.

    I used to wonder why older people were constantly looking back (not that I'm old...ahem), but I see that when you pass a certain age, the best things in your life are behind you...

  2. Maybe yours could be an epic poem like Beowulf or Paradise Lost? ;)

    But I'm not so sure the best things ever have to be behind us. I think we just naturally crave what isn't. But also, largely what could be. Maybe we should go on an adventure? Hmm.

  3. Ben, my poem would be more like Christopher Smart's 'Jubilate Agno'. Here's the part I love best:

    I'm up for an adventure. Truck or motorcycle? LOL! xo


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