Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Devil

You once said that I’m the devil,
couldn’t play, couldn’t be quite like
the other angels.  Fire, brimstone’s
in my soul, lashing out and burning.
But my mark is not the beast.  It’s truths
that scar your mind; you disregard the obvious,
mistake my thorny crown for horns.  What’s more
a belt of skulls seems dark as I will only try to mourn
the innocent who suffered through your lies and hate.


  1. Great building of the "or" sound.

    "Thorny" to "horns" to "more" to "mourn."

  2. She's not the debbel mama...She likes me, and I like her...she showed me her boobies, and I liked them too!

  3. When did you start moderating your comments?

    1. Sorry, Chris. I forgot I set it up this way. If a post is over a year old I have moderating set up. Most spam is on older posts.


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