Friday, June 03, 2011

Links and E-Houskeeping

The reading at the Palace went wonderfully last night.  Thank you to all who showed up!  If there's a charity you're perhaps looking for, the topic of my reading was the tragedy in Tucson earlier this year.  So, please, if you can, donate to the Christina Taylor-Green Memorial Fund.  She was the nine-year old girl shot in the senseless chaos.  Christina was very into helping the less fortunate children of her community when alive and this helps continue her work.

On another note, I've added an abundance of new links in addition to the last:

You can now view my writings accepted by the Cornfield Review (2010) online by clicking the links under the Babycakes section.  Also, the Shine Journal has accepted a Flash Fiction you may remember me posting entitled Wisconsin.  A link to that is also available in the same section.  Furthermore, there are links under Flings to the publications themselves.  So check that all out!  And, if you've done all this and your appetite is still insatiable, you can as always read my novel Gnomes of Coyûl on Kindle, Nook, or paperback!  Phew, dense post, eh?

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