Monday, April 04, 2011


Tiger blood pours down like rain
As warlocks wield machetes.

Red stains opal talismans –
They’re winning.

A chant begins,
It’s dark and cold:

Dying’s for fools,
Dying’s for amateurs!

Women taken from a nearby
Village are soon laid on skulls.

Goddesses they’re called
Before rape, decapitation.

The warlocks fight to fuck
And lick cascading fluids.

Dying’s for fools
Dying’s for amateurs!

Their leader in a gold sombrero,
Gives his blessing.


  1. Totally sick of Charlie Sheen, but great take on a modern concept.

  2. Oh, yeah pretty sure we all are. It was more of a perspective on this whole scenario since he was fired.


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