Friday, April 01, 2011

The Moonbat

Those astronomers –
So unimaginative –
Would have you focus
And adjust your lens
To see what’s right.

But in doing such
You lose the moonbat.

What are moonbats?
Why should you care?
Many a Galileo and Copernicus
Have asked the question.
The scientific mind might
Call them specks of grey
Or interference.

Yet I am here
To tell you different.

Moonbats used to live
Throughout the galaxy
When insects flew as
Stars in open space.
But they died out – galactic warming –
And bats took refuge on the earth and moon
Where they ingest, refract the solar light
For sustenance.

The lunar habitat, though small
Blessed bats with a lovely view.

As nighttime comes they still
Will flock to catch a glimpse.
With their ears – once listening
The depths for food –
They hear humanity,
The crust and core.

But we – so apt for focus –
Tune them out.

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