Monday, March 07, 2011

My Adventures in Tea pt.3


I forgot my Tazo
Left it in an office cupboard
With the nighttime eco-chill
That while saving money
Adds to loneliness.

I tried a shop or two
Hoping for a quick replacement
But found Panera, Starbucks
Closed at 9, forcing me
To settle for less ritzy

The staff inspired little confidence
Discussing with their manager
How the coffee was too watery,
Muddy, in other words, undrinkable,
Before I bought it.

But I drank it anyway
Without complaint,
Knowing that somehow,
Someway this beverage
Was more real.

It was made by those
Who’d lost their jobs,
And still had dreams
Of earning more than
$7.35 an hour.

It was made by college kids
Who had to work the latest shift
Or end up broke and unemployed
Much like the rest of town.

True, it wasn’t certified organic
But it tasted of resilience,
Blood, sweat and tears
And that was something more.

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