Wednesday, March 09, 2011

And Now for Something Completely Different...

Someone's nephew drew them a birthday photo of robots fighting zombies that they put on Facebook.  I'd post it here but I'd likely be breaking some obscure copyright law protecting the intellectual property of tween and toddler drawings.  So since I can't, and I felt inspired on writing a poem, I thought some legalese might clear me of potential liability.  Therefore, I present Cyborgs v. Brainsuckers.  The poem.

The Cyborgs had the upper hand
In that, they had no brains to suck.
But undead monsters possessed
A potent numerical superiority.

Self preservation was nothing
As they flung themselves
In tens and twenties
At the laser canons.

The cyborgs power systems
Could not handle the vast overload,
And began to power down,
Retreat in droves.

They cursed the general
John Connor Zombie
for his brave heroics,
Vowing to go back in time.

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