Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Scout

I was watching television
When the doorbell rang.

A boy was at the door
Asking if I wanted popcorn.

I told him I had high blood pressure
From years of salty food.

He blankly stared with
His pencil to the clipboard.

In that brief moment, however
My own youth started coming back to me.

I remembered asking neighbors
If they needed shoveling –

If the grass could use a mow
Or their dog needed walking.

I saw myself struggling,
Barely making money

For dates, college,
And everything between.

The boy asked
If I was still okay.

Blinking my eyes once or twice
I said yes and bought 200 tins.


  1. I love this! Little kids and the guilt they cause! Kidding, I'm the same way though.

  2. From my cub scout experience I felt it took a fair amount of guilt :p

    Girl Scout cookies sold waay easier.


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