Friday, January 07, 2011

A Perfect End

I dreamed it ended.  God held up his hand and put a stop to all the fighting.  Those who disagreed so violently embraced.  The sun and moon, at once shone side by side.  And everyone saw beauty, in the rainbows shining out through thunderstorms and fog.

The poor had bread, no need of medicine.  Money was instantly forgotten, the product of a bygone age.  Gold was cast back into the ground with diamonds, silver, platinum and other jewels.  We didn’t need possessions and we never would again.

Old relatives came back to us.  We embraced and laughed as if their funerals had never been.  The only tears remaining were of happiness.

The weight of failures and the past had slowly lifted.  We saw brightness, where once the darkest shadows lingered.  A road was paved for everyone, but not of stone, or anything material.  It was of song and joy that we had pushed into the realm of fairy tales.  And finally before us in our glassy slippers, stood the pumpkin carriage that would carry us away.

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