Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Through the Waterfall

I went right through the waterfall
And saw a little creature rolled up in a ball.

I went up to him and I petted him
And he said oogie-woogie-dim.

So I looked up the words on my telephone
And it said I’m on my own.

The creature turned around and I saw his chest
It was quite unlike the rest.

Where humans have hair, he had a jewel
And I thought that was quite cool.

I tried to reach out to touch it some
But his face got angry like a plum.

He bit my wrist and he slapped my face
Saying huggo boggu slace.

Fed up, I turned and I started to leave
But his breath began to weave.

The little guy spun and fell down hard
Like a diamond house of cards.

For a moment it seemed his jewel would burst
But I quickly got their first.

With one arm I picked up and carried him out
To get fresh air and roam about.

The light shined his chest, it hurt his eyes
And I felt bad to make him cry.

Thankfully I had a scarf for his head
That worked to ease his dread.

But as I tied it on some hunters came
And ever were they lame.

One pushed me down, the other spat
Asking what was with the rat?

I tried to convince them it was a pet
But they’d seen the jewel chest set.

I closed my eyes as they came with a knife
To end the creature’s life.

With all of his might
He put up fight.

He kicked and he scratched,
The knife he snatched.

Yet, the hunters got it back
And shoved him in their sack.

I’ll never forget what happened though
As the bag lit up and started to glow.

Green jets began to break the seams
And on the hunters’ faces gleamed.

In an instant the creature and they were gone
Extinguished on a burnt black lawn.

My tears fell heavy, as my head made sense
How this was the creature’s last defense.

I looked wet-eyed toward the sky to see
What looked like raining seeds.

They fell to the ground
So small and round.

And next, as every, Spring
More creatures grew to sing:

Ogga bogie loe
Mogie yitti ho!

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