Wednesday, November 03, 2010

2010 Electionisms

And now a look into exit poll commentary...

"I had to hitchhike to the polls because I have no car."

"I've sold four of my kidneys and I just had the two."

"My wife took everything in the divorce... she's $50,000 in debt."

"I put panhandling on my resume."

"My kid loves camping. Now everyday's his favorite."

"I use my priest for therapy."

"Sometimes at night I stare at the TV and try to remember what electricity was like."

"Have you ever cleaned yourself with stolen soap in a Wal-Mart toilet?"

"Olive Garden was voted best dumpster by Zagat."

"I tried filtering my urine like Kevin Costner did to save on water. Long story short, Brita let me down."

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