Friday, October 01, 2010

The Blip

Human beings are a blip in the history
Of a planet that’s a blip in the universe.

In the infinite we’d find realities
Of little purpose or concern to us.

A star may die too early or too soon;
Saturn’s rings perhaps are less magnificent.

Asteroids colliding, wreaking havoc in Andromeda
Appear to us mere specks inside the Milky Way.

      Yet, as we divide ourselves from vast statistics
We find both hope and endless possibilities.

Beyond the density of neutron stars –
The crushing weight a black hole

Lies solace buried in baryonic dark matter;
A treasure that may orbit here someday.


  1. Seriously dude, have you wondered why no one has commented on any blog of yours?
    Find something to do in the real world because these little blogs are lame. You are not a writer.
    Maybe photography? Maybe painting?
    Writing - no way. You're wasting your time here.

  2. Well I won $125 with my poetry this year so you can kindly go fuck yourself.



  3. For your information, we all love to read what Ben has to say. He does quite well and I readily look forward to his updates. And him go find something in the real world to do? Come now, child. Who is the one who took the time to surf blogspot to find a person's blog, just to read what they have to write just to bash them? You weren't even man enough to to it to his face, you had to hide behind your computer like some childish little high school girl. I can almost guarantee you are just like those pansies that have mommy and daddy finish fights you start. Next time you plan on going to a person's blog, whom you don't know, to bash their writing, maybe you should make sure they haven't won prizes for their writing or been published. Judging by your atrocious grammar and poor rhetoric, I doubt you, sir, are any type of professional writer.
    Hope you have a delightful day,

  4. If you cannot say anything nice then don't say anything at all! What do you think your getting out of saying something so low as this on here? Exactly... NOTHING! So next time you think about saying something mean about someone's writings or anything think twice do I like when they do it to me? I would hope NOT! I think you got the point hopefully and learned your lesson! Plus just because he does not have any comments about his writings it doesn't mean people are not reading it and don't like it!


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