Friday, September 24, 2010

Neil Young's Heart of Gold

Ponce de León set sail with Neil Young
Looking for a heart of gold.

León’s compass led the way,
Neil’s music tamed the seas.

Neither saw the shore ahead
But were confident in dreams.

Years passed, age betook them
But they grew young again once more

The fountain of youth was but
A side stop on their journey

Sirens, serpents guarding ways
Were no match for them

For, Young, with his voice
Was part siren himself

And León had much more
Tenacity than any serpent.

Egos, however, proved to be
The greatest obstacle.

Neil believed guitar would find the heart of gold
Where León saw only navigation.

Thus they split and took up different ships
But where they went we’ll never know.

Some say both grew old with dignity
And found that to be the heart of gold.

Others say the ocean waves
Are strums from Neil’s guitar.

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