Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Facebook Group

Dear readers,

I implore you to attend Don't Burn a Koran Day on Facebook. Though, it is a symbolic event it holds great importance. The overwhelming bigotry toward an entire faith in burning their sacred texts must be confronted. Every Muslim is being blamed for 9/11 by the people of the small Florida church, as well as in a Facebook group. It's tantamount to blaming all Christians for the slave-trade, or all Jews for killing Jesus.

We cannot led America explode into hatred and religious warfare. Don't listen to those who would have Christianity v. Islam. That is not the case, and it does not inevitably have to be.

As of now International Burn a Koran Day has 11,542 members to Don't Burn a Koran Day's 1,361.

We are better than that, America. Prove me right.

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