Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Poke

I was sleeping in the year 3010
On a couch set in the den.

The house shook violent
And the front door bent.

A giant white-gloved hand
Seeped in like sand.

I did my best to hide
As on its palm, I watched it slide.

With its index out
It searched about.

It had no eye
For it used wifi.

To get a better look I crawled
To see it writing on my wall.

Strange ads for farms
And other things were left in swarms.

But, I couldn't help but sneeze
And an opportunity the hand then seized.

With great speed it struck me in the chest
Against my ribcage glove was pressed.

I shielded my eyes from the recurring blows
To stop the creature in its wild throes.

Fingers jabbed me, breaking bones
Their force like that of giant stones.

My skin was gruesome, bruised and bloody
But, I tried my best at limping toward the study.

I managed to escape and lock the door
Sprawling myself in pain upon the floor.

After I had breathed, and said a prayer
I logged online to give my assaulter due despair.

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