Saturday, August 28, 2010

I Had a Dream

I had a dream
There was no government;
Glenn Beck had got his wish.

Things seemed similar at first
With roads and cars
And traffic lights.

Until one drove however
They could scarcely

Stop signs once benign
Now charged a fee
Of $20.

If you broke the law
For anything they’d send
You off to work in private prisons.

My college friends
Succumbed to
Making license plates

For one corporation
That owned

I tried to
Rationalize it as
America but failed.

Limited government
Did not mean
Business slaves.

Yet who might
Argue when the
Politics are bought?

I sighed and felt
The chip my insurance
Used to monitor my health.

If my temperature
Went up they’d
Raise my rates.

If I went over
The speed limit
They’d lock me up.

It must be
Superior to Socialism
Our leaders say.
If only that porky Napoleon from Animal Farm Glenn Beck could read...

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