Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Greatest Irony

Fox News has accused the funding of the mosque near ground zero of being from entities such as "Iran" and the "Taliban."

It's largest contributor, Al-Waleed bin Talal, however is also the second largest shareholder in Newscorp which owns Fox News. Yet, on their Morning Show they keep using the analogy of "following the money." Do they not expect people to actually do it?

If their viewers actually did, they would wonder why they accused one of their largest shareholders of financing radical madrases and aiding the Palestinians monetarily.

He indeed donated $17,000,000 to the Palestinians. And whereas, I see nothing wrong with helping people in such horrid conditions, Fox News has made a point of vilifying them as terrorists and supporting Israel against all logic.

So if you watch Fox News you're giving Al-Waleed bin Talal more money to use for helping Palestinians and building Islamic centers.  I might have to watch more.  And I guess that's the greatest irony.

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