Sunday, August 08, 2010

Early Morning Thoughts pt. 2

I wonder if some people really are evil
Or if the world's misunderstood them
to the point they have to prove themselves
And can't go back to how it was
Despite their heart's desire for
The opposite of fear and hate;
Despite relief that comes from
Giving up a fruitless fight.


I dread the day I tell my kids
my generation wrecked the world.
We had the knowledge and the power
for a shining future but
we let it dim - and now our
endless bickering goes down as
mankind's most epic tragedy.


It would be a crying shame
If we ever got so married
to our grandiose ideals
that we forgot the little things -
of laughing, loving, spending times
with family and good friends -
and let their solace pass us by
to leave us shallow, unfulfilled.

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