Monday, July 05, 2010


It’s nighttime in the countryside
And stars are glittering the sky.

The sun is fading, swiftly fading
As the moon becomes more dominant.

I soon see nothing but pitch dark
And streams of lit-up fireflies.

I’m reminded of my younger years
When I used to think them fairies.

In innocence I never thought of mating
Nor the male’s need to impress.

I guess, they still hold awe for me
As my mind drifts toward old fantasies.

Deep into the sleeping grass
I fly away with one.

A castle looms up
Made of mossy rocks.

Pillars stand of pixie dust
With dandelion drawbridge.

We fly through in waves of
Yellow, green, pale red

To see a courtyard
With its lovers dancing.

Music plays out in a buzz
With strobe lights from their abdomens.

The King waits for us inside
His behind glowing as a supernova.

There, he knights me
Honorary Firefly.

But as I step upon one lost in reverie
And its guts pour out so luminous

I realize youth has all but faded
While the pieces slowly dim.

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