Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Senate Republicans v. Super Villains

"For the third time in three weeks, Republicans in the Senate on Wednesday successfully filibustered a bill to continue providing unemployment checks to millions of people." - MSNBC

I can understand voting something down even because you disagree because of budget concerns but to actually filibuster and not let something be debated that millions of people need to survive is utter insanity. It borders on the most heinous cinematic evils. Darth Vader blowing up Alderon can hardly measure up to such characters as Sessions and McConnell.

They believe in nothing. They don't desire a working financial system, they don't desire an environment where capitalism can flourish.  What they want is some capitalist utopia where four people are making money.

The only thing the Senate Republicans really want is getting rid of Obama, and there logic doesn't go beyond that.  What would they want if they got that? God only knows. Some might say lower taxes from budget cuts but they couldn't tell you where those cuts would come from.  They have no desire to touch medicare or social security.  Or even the war, the biggest expense.

So, in essence they want the world as many a bad-guy has sought before.  And like the bad guys, they have no clear idea on what they'd do with it.  But, at least the Super Villains were honest in their intentions.  I'd certainly take Snidely Whiplash over John Boehner any day.

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