Monday, June 21, 2010

Forever in a Year

Let us muse and gape upon
Those falling sands of time

That drops down on us
In this desert earth

And fills our mouths
With driest sediment

So we may choke
On deeds of yore

Long devoid of consequence
To whom we have become.

Let us ride the clock through space
And travel through the parallels

To find realities that could have been
If a butterfly had flapped its wings in Mexico

Or, the temperature had changed a disposition
To bring peace to all mankind.

Let us find forever in a year –
A lifetime in a kiss

Where we embrace
The one we love…

And never say goodbye.


  1. This is too beautiful for words to express.

    In every reality there could've been, you must know, there is, was and always will be one truth. Love.

    And yes. Let's keep that goodbye for never.


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